Save the Queen: Blades of Gunnhildr

This is a condensed guide for the “Save the Queen: Blades of Gunnhildr” questline for Shadowbringers.
A much more definitive guide can be found here.

− Level 80 Job
− Completed Shadowbringers
− Stormblood Alliance Raids
Detailed Requirements and links to other quests can be found here

The starting quest for the relic is called Hail to the Queen and a full listing of all quests can be found here

1 Resistance is (not) Futile

− Thavnarian Scalepowder – 4

Rowena’s Store – 250 poetics each (1000 total)

2 For Want of Memory

− Tortured Memory of the Dying – 20
− Sorrowful Memory of the Dying – 20
− Harrowing Memory of the Dying – 20

These can either be farmed in Bozja (random) or HW Fates (guaranteed).
Recommended areas are, Coerthas Western Highlands, Dravanian Forelands & Dravanian Hinterlands (Aethernet from Idyllshire). Make use of “Party Finder” under the Fates section. Start or find a recruitment to have these done swiftly.

Alternatively, Bozja Cluster Farming can also be utilized but will be explained in a different guide.

3 The Will to Resist

− Bitter Memory of Dying – 6

Recommend to be done with Antitower Dungeon and Leveling Roulette once a day but can also be farmed during a Bozja Cluster Farm

4 Change of Arms

− Loathsome Memory of the Dying – 15

Recommend to run Castrum Lacus Litore (5 each)
Or Syrcus Tower (ARR Alliance Raid) (1 each)

5 The Resistance Remembers

One-time, non-repeatable quest

− Haunting Memory of the Dying – 18 (HW Alliance Raid, Gyr Abania)
− Vexatious Memory of the Dying – 18 (SB Alliance Raid, Othard)

Recommend to do Fates in a group in Gyr Abania, Fringes (random) and Othard, Azim Steppe (random) respectively. You do need a teammate or 2 for these to be efficient.
While Alliance Raids (guaranteed) can be done for these, they will generally be slower.

6 A New Path of Resistance

− Timeworn Artifacts – 15

Recommend to be done in Delebrum Reginae (3 Guaranteed), especially with speed run is Party Finder but be sure to carry Delebrum specific essences for these. 

Palace of the Dead is alternative method but is random. 

7 Spare Parts, Tell me a story, a fond memory

One time, non-repeatable quest

− Spare Parts (Alexander, Zone 1)
Compact Axles (30) (1-2)
Compact Springs (30) (3-4)

− Tell me a Story (Omega, Zone 2)
A day in the life: Battles for the Realm (30) (1-2)
A day in the life: Beyond the Rift (30) (3-4)

− A Fond Memory (Eden, Zone 3)
Bleak Memories of the Dying (30) (1-2)
Lurid Memories of the Dying (30) (3-4)

These can be farmed in Zadnor in Zone 1, 2 and 3 respectively which are random-drop and recommend for the bulk of these items since you are there to complete the story anyway. You can farm the remaining items with raids Alexander, Omega and Eden respectively in that order. The first items are farmed with 1-2, 5-6 and 9-10 and the second items are the remaining. So you can stick to the 1-2 and 3-4 of each raid tier to complete this stage.

8 Irresistible

− Raw Emotions – 15

Dalriada (3) or Delubrum Reginae (2) (Guaranteed)

Lvl 70 dungeons (Guaranteed), Heaven on High (Random, higher chances on higher floors)