Dedicated Page for Reshade

Reshade is a 3rd party tool used in many games to add extra enhancements to graphics, like more texture sharpening or contrast. If you don’t care about FFXIV gposing then Reshade may not interest you, but it can also apply extra saturation or brightness to gameplay. This can be important to you depending on the monitor technology you use. 

For Gposing, it allows you to apply some extra fancy special effects for scenes. Have a look at for some ideas, or your favourite social media platform with the #ffxiv tag. 


Install the latest version of Reshade with Addon Support:
− Install to “ffxiv_dx11.exe” on Directx 10/11/12 without any other presets. 

Install the Gposingway script:

In Reshade edit your “Global Preprocessor Definitions”, there should be an option labelled “RESHADE_DEPTH_INPUT_IS_REVERSED”, change this from “0” to “1”. Then continue on until the end of the tutorial.

You can opt to stop using “KeepUI” and “RestoreUI” in your presets. 

“REST” can also be updated here:

DLSS Edits

DLSS 3.7.10


Take the ini and dll from the Github download and place them in the same “game” folder. Extract the reg files from the Github folder and put them anywhere you will remember, and run the EnableNvidiaSigOverride.reg file once.

For the tweak do: ForceDLAA – True
ResolutionOffset should be set to “-1”


Helps to activate DLSS/DLAA during Gpose and Cutscenes. 

As long as the plugin is not published through Dalamud, to install do following:
− download and extract zip anywhere
− in-game open the Plugin installer (/xlplugins)
− Go to Settings -> Experimental
− Add the path to the .dll in the development plugins
− Save (!) at the bottom right
− Back in the Plugin Installer select ‘Scan Dev Plugins’
− Select ‘Dev Tools’ then the XIVJitterFix plugin and enable it