If you are confused, take the necessary steps to enable plugins first on this page.
These plugins are outside of Dalamud’s plugin browser. Support is provided by the respective github/discord. 

More plugins can be found on the ffxiv plugin directory https://xivplugins.com/dalamud-plugins
You may find other 3rd party plugins such as Boss Mod which contains some auto rotations and the legendary Radar window or the other ACT plugins like the Discord Triggers

Sea of Stars

Project Page: https://github.com/Ottermandias/SeaOfStars

Sea of Stars is a repo collection of plugins for the best gposing and customizing experience. While each plugin has their own repo URL, adding the Sea of Stars repo will bypass the need for that process.

− Enter /xlsettings in the chat window and go to the Experimental tab in the opening window.
− Skip below the DevPlugins section to the Custom Plugin Repositories section.
Copy and paste the repo.json link into the first free text input field.


− Click on the + button and make sure the checkmark beside the new field is set afterwards.
− Click on the Save-icon in the bottom right.

Sea of Stars includes Penumbra, Heliosphere, Glamourer, Customize+, Palette+, SimpleHeels, Mare Synchronos, Ktisis and Brio plugins. 


Included with Sea of Stars

Original Source: 

Ktisis is a robust posing tool for creating screenshots within FFXIV’s GPose mode which allows you to pose characters by clicking on bones and moving them in any way you want, bringing additional features such as animation control and character editing. Our primary aim is to make posing more accessible for all.

− Trello
− Github/Download

This starts as a plugin, so the XIVLauncher is required. 



Included with Sea of Stars

Original Source:

Brio is a small utility designed to assist with the management and control of actors in GPose. It is designed to enhance the experience of users no matter which posing tool they use, whether it be Anamnesis or Ktisis.

 − Creation and Deletion of GPose actors (up to 39)
− Change the Penumbra collection applied to GPose actors
− Add/Remove/Blend animations on GPose actors (and adjust their speed / scrub through them)
− Change the active festivals and apply up to 4 at once (Moonfire Faire for fireworks etc)
− Add/Remove Status Effects on GPose actors
− Control Time/Weather in both the Overworld and GPose
− Redraw control of GPose actors
− NPC Appearance Hack (Allows you to apply NPC appearances to players without breaking tools like Penumbra)
− Works with Ktisis and Anamnesis (Enable Brio integration within Anamnesis for a better experience)

 This starts as a plugin, so the XIVLauncher is required. 
Please go there before grabbing the repo below if you are new to plugins. 



Included with Sea of Stars

Palette+ provides a greater degree of character customizability by allowing the user to pick out colors for skin, hair, eyes, etc, from a colour wheel, which may then be set up to persist through loading screens.

If you’re having any issues or need support, feel free their Discord

This starts as a plugin, so the XIVLauncher is required. 
Please go there before grabbing the repo below if you are new to plugins. 



What is it?

BDTH is the plugin version of Burning Down the House which is a tool for FFXIV which gives you more control over placing housing items. While in Housing, set yourself to rotate mode and you should see the BDHT window appear. A gizmo can be activated to move objects on screen or use the window to input coordinates. 


Mare Synchronos

Included with Sea of Stars

The goal of this project is to synchronize mods between clients automatically, safely and effortlessly. Two users can add each other via their given UIDs and Mare will automatically download and redraw the player, applying any mods used. 

If you are interested in the project, please join the discord, read the faq and follow their rules. Installation, Support and Account creation is done on their discord. As a result, this page is merely informative and you should not follow outside instructions other than what is provided in the Mare Discord. 


What is synced through Mare Synchronos?
– All applied model/material/texture changes to your character
– Skeleton changes to your character
– All applied model/material/texture changes to your weapons
– Partial applied character changes through Anamnesis
– Minions, Pets, Chocobo, Mounts
– All applied character changes through Glamourer
– Animations
– Heels, Customize+, Palette
– Sounds

If you are starting from scratch, there are a few things you should ensure:

– You’ve migrated your ffxiv mods to Penumbra 
– To assist Penumbra, your client should be clean of any Textools modifications. 
– You have Glamourer installed. 



If you are new to modding and plugins, reaching this point of installing mare can seem like a daunting task. At this point you should consider seriously organizing your mods into collections and folders. Mods, and mare should be installed on a fast drive. 

Maybe you need a whole pc upgrade? Check this video for recent CPU charting

MareSynchronos works on a pairing system, that each user must send each other their pairing UID. Having said that, there are “groups” called syncshells so Free Companies, Friends and Venues can simply use this method to invite users. 


UnknownX has a collection of plugins that enhance almost every aspect of FFXIV.


Cammy – in game camera utility
NoClippy – A plugin implementation of XIVAlexander, which emulates your cooldowns as if you had low ping

And many more



Puni.sh has some updated plugins that were no longer maintained. These plugins include marking positionals to auto crafting for items that cannot be quick synthesized.


have a look


Artemis Roleplaying Kit

The power of AI for anything you type


have a look


Bard Toolbox

That all in one plugin for Bard Performance. Be sure to join their discord.


have a look


Material UI

This is really a texture mod but is installed via a plugin. You will also need Penumbra installed as the main mod is configured there, and updates are provided by the plugin.


install guide here


XIV Combo Expanded

Condensed combo actions for all jobs. Dalamud has its own combo plugin but its goal is reducing the number of buttons a player has to press. XIV Combo Expanded tries to offer more options and reduced bloat for actions. This can be very valuable for players that have accessibility issues. But if you are a raider, it would be best to not use complicated settings in your plugin due to FFXIV updates which interrupts Dalamud’s service. 


have a look