As you make your way through the story of FFXIV you would have at least heard about Hunts perhaps through players or various NPC quests. ‘Hunts’ is a term to describe a group effort to kill some B, A or S rank boss. World Bosses also fall into this category, though the rewards are different.

Difference between Elite Marks:
− B Ranks can spawn at there constant spawn points and they respawn after 5 seconds
− A Ranks can spawn at there constant spawn points after the respawn time (Time is different)
− S and SS Ranks wont spawn randomly, they only spawn
− B and A Ranks are only visible when you reach a certain range
− S and SS Ranks are visible on the complete area

Why do Hunt Trains at all?
Hunt trains are the quickest method to farm GIL in the form of clusters for Materia, Tombstones and current expansion Tombstones. It will be the only way to farm the expansion’s Hunt currency such as Nuts for Shadowbringers. You are able to visit other worlds on your datacenter, therefore conductors perform trains consecutively until their respawn in 8hours. Not all servers run trains every 8hrs, but this can give you an idea on how frequent Hunts can occur. You can easily max 2000 Tombstones in one day of trains though you will likely not hit all trains.

With world travel and datacenter travel, trains are even more accessible now ever than before!

Hunts Trains

Hunts Trains are an organized group effort to allow all players to participate, regardless of their circumstances. A Hunt Train usually occurs in the current expansion world/continent which in this case is Shadowbringers. A small group of 1 or 2 players fan out to find the locations of all Rank A hunts. These locations are given to a conductor who will then announce that a Hunt Train A-Rank is about to occur on xxx server at some location. This ‘relay’ is posted on the Hunts discord and linkshells which also spread to others. 

our requirements for Hunts are to be patient and polite.
− Access to flying.
− Preferably at end game
− Unluck “Hunts” for the various expansions.
− Join the Centurio Hunts Discord. (Trains & S Ranks)
− Join Coeurl Discord (Trains & S Ranks)
− Access and setup Faloop on any of your chosen devices.

  1. Look out for a Hunt Train relay
  2. Head to the flagged location
  3. Join Party Finder or shout for invite
  4. Follow the conductor’s shouts

S Ranks

S-Rank Hunts are rare spawns since they require some special condition to be spawned. While you do get significantly more rewards, most players partake in these to get their achievement goals in these S-Rank Hunts. These vary drastically in task, such as running over a spawn point with a minion, popping leves in a zone and sometimes weather can play a part in their spawning.

To Monitor S ranks and Fates utilize Faloop. This works really well on mobile phone and account setup is easy and not mandatory.


Setup Sonar in Dalamud from the modding section

Sonar can be setup with notifications for S rank, also checking for specific Fates or World Bosses. This can be helpful for doing your ARR relic as some fates spawn at different times, thus these fates can be checked across different worlds.