Gil Guide

Your gil ‘farming’ should be split into daily and weekly tasks. Have stuff ready to be sold on the market board. Leave items to be sold without adjusting their prices, but come back to it every week. Your daily/micro tasks are better spent with the below options. 


This method is the best for GIL farming. It requires you to be at end game with at least 1 job role, flying, and access to Hunts. You can find more information in my Hunts guide. With the introduction of a new gear patch, comes also the opportunity of a new raid tier. To raid properly, you need melded crafted gear. Materia often sells well and is maybe the best way to acquire gil at end game if you use Hunt Trains. A stack of materia can sell for 1,200,000 to 3,100,000 GIL (99 Materia) depending on server and current timeframe into the patch content. If you do hunt trains, the tombstones acquired can also be used for end game mats. End game Materia can also be acquired through spirit bond potions and doing content. 

DoL/DoH Materia

A highly efficient approach to farming Gil in a timely manner is by capitalizing on the soaring demand for crafting materia during the initial month of a crafting gear patch. It is advisable to concentrate on acquiring high-tier crafting materia that enhance command or craftsmanship skills in the current expansion. However, it is important to note that the demand for crafting materia tends to decline after a month following the patch, despite the persistently high prices. This can be attributed to the presence of bots and a significant influx of players during a content patch, which often leads to inconsistencies in the market. Therefore, it is highly recommended to have this materia readily available, as ample time is provided to prepare for a raid tier patch.


In the beginning of a new patch, it’s a good time to collect new materials for food, potions, and crafting gear. You can stay informed by joining discords like Teamcraft and checking the marketboard for new gear and the items needed to craft them. If you’re not at the end of the game, it’s helpful to remember the items needed to craft gear at different levels. It’s also worth checking out Firmament materials.

Fate Farming

Shadowbringers and Endwalker offer bicolor gemstones for completing fates, which also helps with your new Shared Fate system. If you aren’t interested in doing crafters etc, then this can be a very casual and calm path. Use the bicolor gemstones to buy orchestrion scrolls from the gemstone traders after you have completed your shared fate log. Endwalker has a lot of items which can not be sold on the market but Shadowbringer does. 

Fate farming will also build your extraction for materia on your gear. Keep an eye on the color change for the inventory hud and extract your materia. 

Primal Farming

Farming primal weapon parts can be different, but if you’re dedicated, you can earn a lot of gil. Primal Weapons are special weapons that glow and are given as rewards for crafting, but they can only be crafted from the extreme trial they belong to. The parts of these weapons can be sold for a high price in gil and can be obtained by chance when completing the trial or by breaking down the weapons that drop. The totems obtained from the extreme trial can also be exchanged for these weapons. The PLD sword is a good choice because it requires fewer totems, making it more cost-effective. You don’t need to finish the story to do this, and you can hold as many weapons as possible before you get some crafter leveled to DE synthesize. 

Currently, you should aim for Titania Extreme & Hades Extreme which is in Shadowbringers Expansion. 


Remember that all crafting jobs create items for housing. Housing items are often expensive to buy, but the market can be very competitive. I suggest crafting items that you would personally use in your own house. Keep a few in stock and sell only one or two at a time to avoid someone drastically lowering the price. The goal is to have items available for sale throughout the week.

Some notable items to craft are leaf, garden, and water-themed items, lofts, couches, and the materials used to make them. Crafting glamour items has a moderate potential for making money. These can be weapons from primal battles or armor. The highest potential for making gil through crafting is by creating new items introduced in the latest patch. When a new patch is released with new armor, you should be one of the first to figure out which armors are in demand and craft them to sell. Keep in mind that the value of these armors will decrease over time, but the first few weeks are worth the investment.

Treasure Map And Others

You can organize treasure hunts with a small group of friends or as a weekly event with your FC. During these hunts, you have the chance to find valuable items and earn a lot of GIL. However, it is important to note that it is a gamble and you may not always be lucky. There are two types of treasure hunts: solo and party. If you join an FC that does treasure hunts, they will explain the details to you as new members are usually interested in this method of earning GIL. Compared to other methods, treasure hunts are the most enjoyable and have the potential to give you the most GIL. The only downside is that it requires some organization and preparation of treasure bottles beforehand. Since it can be done weekly, it should be included in your GIL farming routine.

Island Sanctuary

As you build up your workshops you can use something like Teamcraft to optimize it.  Some of the Dyes like metallic bras can be sold on the market board for a fair price and is often in demand. This could be higher on the list, but you are limited by your weekly gains in your island. Surely no one is crazy enough to have alts for this singular purpose. 

Firnament script rewards 
Eureka and Bozjan Fragments 
Bozjan Cluster Rewards 
Firnament Dyes
Weekly Doman Enclave
Gardening, like Jute