With Dawntrail coming it might be safe to assume that updating mods may be a pain. Some modders have made that process a lot easier by putting their mods on Heliosphere. You can find out more about Heliosphere here

With that acknowledgement, it might be best to consider installing a Body Replacement from Heliosphere instead so that future updates to the mod are covered. Keep in mind that Body Replacements cover the skin quality and the shape of the nude model of your character. Most top body replacements contain both Gen3 and Bibo+ textures so you only really need one installed. 

Bibo can be found here. A lot of Bibo+ variants still call for the original Bibo mod. After that you could choose to install the Mani-Pedi pack for Bibo to cover most gloves and boots. 

Pythia can be found here. A great Gen3 body with that excellent skin quality and shimmer we all love. 

YAB aka Yet another body. A Bibo based all-in-one body with some of the most supported variants for options and IVCS. But the main appeal of this mod is for the muscular look.