Hunt Trains move fast, so if you aren’t playing attention or slip up on a teleport it can be frustrating. 
One plugin you can use for notifications is Chat Alerts

Create a new entry for Chat Alerts, filtering only “shout” chat while looking for the word “train”. You can also add more entries to look for the words “next mark” and set up on of the in game audio sounds to alert yourself. The best part is that you can set up that entry with a glowing text as well so the color of that chat sentence standsout. 

How come everyone teleports so fast? Never miss a teleport again and beat congested zones! One plugin I use to overcome teleporting is “Map Linker“.  Setup the plugin to allow /tp for teleporting, enable reverse sorting and bring to front. In the filter, you need to filter shout chat. Yell might also be a consideration. 

Go to the “Records” section and resize the window enough so that you are able to click “Retrieve” and “Teleport” columns for entries. Once a mark is relayed, you should be able to quickly click “View” on the new entry which is handy to make sure it is the correct location, then hitting the button to teleport to the nearest aetheryte. After killing the 2nd mark in a zone, don’t mount, instead just wait for the mark so you can teleport asap, else the action of mounting prevents you from teleporting. 

Instances can also be a pain, so I recommend using “Where am I again” plugin to show the Instance Number at your info bar (in game time, world etc). 

Visibility” plugin can also save you some frames. It can be used to hide minions and chocobos in the open world. Take it a step further to hide all players that aren’t in your party for Endwalker zones.